About Us

Teacher Feedback is a new web service that lets teachers record feedback for students (and their parents) to hear. It is designed for primary and secondary aged children as well as older students.

When students log on they can listen to the personalised teacher feedback that has been recorded for them. The student hears the teacher talking directly to them, giving constructive critique, suggestions and possible improvements. Because teachers can talk much quicker than they can write, they are able to leave richer, more detailed commentaries. Students can rate how well they understand the feedback and post comments or questions back to their teachers.

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James Blomfield

James is currently Head of Education with True Education Partnerships and the Global School Alliance. As a former teacher and headteacher, he is committed to innovation in education. True Partnerships enable and facilitate partnerships and connections between schools and educators around the world and promote the UN sustainable development goals and the World Economic Forum’s Education 4.0 framework.

James was previously Headteacher at St. Richard’s RC Primary School in Dover, Deputy Headteacher at St Thomas’ RC Primary School in Canterbury as well as Leading ICT Teacher at Capel-le-Ferne Primary School. Before this he was Director of Online Education for Intuitive Media, and worked on key education projects including Grid Club, Super Clubs PLUS as well as Tesco Schoolnet Global. In this role, he managed a national mediation team and liaised with partner organisations including Channel 4, DfES, LTS, C2k as well as the British Council. James was part of the team that won a BAFTA award for online education in association with Channel 4 Learning. He has visited international schools in Australia, China, Finland, Hong Kong, Italy, Romania, Finland, France and Germany.

James was invited to present at Prof Stephen Heppell’s ‘Be Very Afraid’ ICT Exhibition at BAFTA in London and at the BETT exhibition. He is also taking part in the ‘Learnometer’ project monitoring the factors of classroom environments that hinder learning.