Unnecessary Teacher Workload

March 10, 2018

Teachers are experiencing “unmanageable” levels of workload, according to Department for Education research published today.

The results of in-depth interviews  reveals that administration, behaviour monitoring, data tracking, marking, planning and meetings are all contributing to long hours.

“Often teachers said that their level of workload was only manageable because of the long hours that they worked,” the research found.

“It was the volume of tasks that they felt to be unmanageable in the time available to them, particularly when data entry and depth marking was required for each individual learner, learning objective and module/unit of work.”

“It is the expectation that books are marked and the marking policy is followed…It is not just ticks.

A part time primary teacher with more than 11 years experience said: “Accountability has become so important that the enjoyment of learning [for pupils] has gone out of the window [because the focus for teachers] is just endless marking, progress, accountability.”

Several teachers reported frustration about tasks that did not appear to directly inform teaching and learning, or improve outcomes for children.

Full report in TES: